Wear Sunblock Year Round!

Wear sunblock year-round in Puerto Rico!
People sometimes ask, “will I still need to wear sunblock in the winter?” The answer is a YES! Puerto Rico is close to the equator and the sun here is intense no matter what time of year you’ll be visiting. Always wear plenty of sunblock and re-apply as necessary. In the summer months, you’ll need to re-apply very often and make sure to stay hydrated! Don’t get burned! Wear sunblock year-round!

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World Class Surfing Not Too Far!



World known surf spots just 50 minutes away!

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Isla Ratones is Incredible! (and close)

Isla De Ratones - Cabo Rojo. A fun little place to visit in Puerto Rico.

This place is beautiful! It’s a fun little island to explore without a lot work to visit. It’s close by and offers a really neat experience. Remember it’s a tiny little island so it’s not going to be a major excursion. It’s just something fun to do for a few hours or half a day. Visit the following link for more information and the full breakdown:

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Welcome to

We are happy to launch our new website! Our vacation rental cabanas and hostel rentals in Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico have been a well loved place to escape “real life” for many people all around the world for quite some time now. The simple, yet clean and cozy cabanas are located right by many gorgeous and tranquil beaches and tropical landscapes. We are happy to introduce ourselves to those who have never had a chance to find us by launching our new website. We hope you find it easy to use and hope to see you soon!

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