Wear Sunblock Year Round!

Wear sunblock year-round in Puerto Rico!
People sometimes ask, “will I still need to wear sunblock in the winter?” The answer is a YES! Puerto Rico is close to the equator and the sun here is intense no matter what time of year you’ll be visiting. Always wear plenty of sunblock and re-apply as necessary. In the summer months, you’ll need to re-apply very often and make sure to stay hydrated! Don’t get burned! Wear sunblock year-round!

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World Class Surfing Not Too Far!



World known surf spots just 50 minutes away!

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Isla Ratones is Incredible! (and close)

Isla De Ratones - Cabo Rojo. A fun little place to visit in Puerto Rico.

This place is beautiful! It’s a fun little island to explore without a lot work to visit. It’s close by and offers a really neat experience. Remember it’s a tiny little island so it’s not going to be a major excursion. It’s just something fun to do for a few hours or half a day. Visit the following link for more information and the full breakdown:

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